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Tha Gana brand includes an wide selection of dermal fillers. This is one of the most extensive selection of injectable beauty gel products. From high quality Hyaluronic acid fillers to advanced hybrid fillers and semi-permanent augmentation products. Gana has the right products for to combat superficial wrinkles and the fines of skin lines. Patients can also have their lips enhanced in volume and shape. Naturally facial sculpting and feature augmentation are possible with naturally looking and lasting results.

In addition, the brand offers specialized solutions like PDRN and PLLA fillers, as well as combinations between Hyaluronic acid and other vital ingredients such as peptides of Calcium for achieving lasting facial augmentation or powerful skin rejuvenation, healing and wrinkle removal effect.

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Meso Injection


When it comes to mesotherapy and overall skin care, the range offered under the Gana brand is even more extensive than fillers. The meso products offered include all possible skin treatment solutions a doctor or cosmetician could need. Skin rejuvenation, skin tone improvements and brightening, moisturizing, hair care and follicle revitalization - all can be address with the appropriate Gana mesotherapy solutions, utilizing vitamins, peptides, PDRN, PHA etc. ingredients.

The offered products can be used with general mesotherapy and applied via injection, using a needle roller or a specialized beauty machine using HIFU. Gana offers versatile beauty solutions that can gap the bridge between mesotherapy and other forms cosmetic procedures like ILP and laser treatment of the skin or injection of dermal fillers.

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As one of the top brands for beauty, cosmetic and skin care products, Gana has much more to offer, besides dermal fillers and mesotherapy. Doctors can find professional and for clinical usage products and solutions bearing the Gana logo. Beauty experts can take full advantage of specialized products like fat dissolving solutions for neck, face and body, as well as professional cosmetics, peeling masks and other powerful tools to use in their arsenal.

Gana’s medical and cosmetic solutions combine purified ingredients in innovative and highly effective formulas, in order to provide reliable treatment of a variety of skin and related problems or successful boost in the patients/client’s overall appearance.

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