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This is the Privacy Policy page of and this is where you can read and learn everything about our privacy policies and personal information policies, as well as to familiarize yourself with our data breach procedures and cookies policy. Here you will also find why we collect personal data and how we store it.

We are a licensed EU company and, as such, we work in complete compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For us, the personal data and privacy of every user of this website are of the utmost importance. That is why we do our best to protect it and to prevent it from being shared, viewed or accessed in any way by third parties.

Using this website in any form or way (e.g. browsing it, shopping from it, etc.) is to be viewed as an automatic agreement with the terms and conditions in this Privacy Policy. Please read the policies listed below in their full form before you continue using this site. If you do not agree with or understand some part of this Agreement, then you must not use this website. This Privacy Policy agreement is subject to change without notice.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

The personal data we collect through this website is used to provide the users of with a more personalized experience and with services that can better meet their individual needs. Therefore, any personal data collection we do does not have a malicious, immoral, illegal or criminal purpose. The personal information we collect is used for the following main reasons:

  • Providing clients with protection against scams and frauds
  • Improving this website
  • Improving the services we offer
  • Providing clients with targeted offers, newsletters, campaigns, etc.
  • Personalizing our communication with each client
  • Gaining a greater understanding of the needs and likes of our customers

Cookie Data

As an online retailer and wholesale distributor, we operate a website that uses cookies. The term “cookies” can be defined as small file packages that contain data. Those packages are stored on the web browser of every user. The information that they collect and contain includes account settings, basic login details, user statistics and more and it allows our website to recognize your device and you as a user every time you start browsing it. That allows us to provide you with customized and smoother user experience.

A few important facts about cookies that are worth highlighting is that they:

  • Will not slow down the device you are using to access this site
  • Are used by almost all websites today
  • Do not contain or store user information of a personal nature
  • Cannot be used for attacking or infecting devices or networks since they do not contain malware or viruses

We collect several types of cookies – first-party and third-party cookies, as well as persistent and session cookies. First-party cookies are issued by the website you are visiting at the moment, while third-party ones are issued by domains different from the one you are currently visiting, for purposes that may include personalized ad-serving, cross-site tracking and retargeting. Session cookies are temporary as they are only stored on the browser for one browsing session and are automatically deleted as soon as the user closes the browser. In contrast, persistent cookies are stored on the disk of the user’s device and are deleted periodically.

Third-Party Cookies

Since has an online store, we also collect third-party cookies. We use a third-party checkout service that collects such data packages every time a client proceeds to checkout and fills in their banking or credit/debit card information. Only the payment processing provider has access to that data but they cannot track or learn the identity of our clients through it. No other party can view, access, copy or share these third-party cookies including us. This makes the payment process highly secure and it ensures that your banking details will be properly protected.

Embedded Content

We may embed content from other websites and social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter on our website. We do that with the sole purpose to make your browsing experience more pleasant and to provide you with quality content that is informative and useful. These platforms also use third-party cookies and have their own Privacy Policy under which their content is regulated. We have no way of controlling the data they collect or the way they use it. For that reason, we embed content (images, videos, text, and other media) only from well-recognized and safe websites to ensure the utmost ethical collection and use of our customer’s personal data.

Google Analytics Cookies

To provide our customers with hassle-free and effective browsing and shopping experience, we have integrated a service called Google Analytics to our website. With it, we are able to collect data related only to the user’s browsing and shopping experience and to analyze it. By doing so, we gain a greater understanding of the preferences and shopping habits of our clients and convert that knowledge into an improved user experience. Google Analytics Cookies do not collect or store personal data and it only collects information about certain activities of each visitor of the website such as:

  • Buttons that were clicked
  • Products that were purchased
  • On-site searches that were carried out
  • Items that were added to the cart
  • Pages that were visited on the website

This information can only be viewed and accessed by us and Google, the provider of the Google Analytics service. These cookies do not collect the email address or name of the user. They do, however, collect data about your Geo-location. Yet, the service automatically masks some of the digits of your IP address, hiding your exact location and revealing only an approximate one to us and Google.

Data Collected via Email or Our ‘Contact Us’ Form

For their convenience, all visitors of this website have the opportunity to get in touch with us through email or our online ‘Contact Us’ form. To do that, they will be required to fill in basic information such as their name, address details, email, and other contact information. This is a standard procedure because such data will allow us to easily and quickly communicate with our clients, to provide timely response to their inquiries, calculate their order’s value, the approximate time in which it will be delivered to them, etc. This means that we will not use the information we have collected via email or our ‘Contact Us’ form for purposes different than order delivery and client correspondence and we will not share it with third parties.

Protection of Personal Information

We are a licensed, registered and law-abiding company and, as such, we are obliged by law to secure and protect the personal data we collect from our clients and not to share it with any third parties without their knowledge and agreement. We are also an EU-based company and we work in strict accordance with the GDPR of the European Union. We strive to work with service providers and to embedded content from websites that are also EU-based and that work in full compliance with those same regulations and laws. If we do happen to work with service providers and websites that are not based in Europe, we make sure that they too work in a law-abiding, user-friendly and privacy-focused manner.

To further ensure the protection of our users’ personal information we have taken various measures such as:

  • Hiding some of the digits of their IP address to protect their exact location
  • Using advanced and secure servers to store the data we collect
  • Regularly backing up users’ information to minimize the risk of data loss
  • Relying on top encryption technology to properly secure the accounts of all users of this website
  • Making frequent updates to our Privacy Policy that will properly reflect the ever-changing personal information processing trends and standards
  • Carrying out around-the-clock proactive monitoring to prevent and block personal data threads like hacking or malware

Regardless of the measures we take to keep your information confidential and secure, sharing and sending any type of information online can hide risks such as identity theft, data leaks, financial losses and more. For that reason, we advise all users of this website to choose a strong password for their account.

Storage of Personal Information

 All personal information that we have collected from our customers through this website and that is viewed as being relevant, is stored for 5 years. If a client has not used their account for more than 5 years, their data will be deleted automatically by the system. Clients who use this website as guests and do not have a registered account on their name need to know that their relevant data will also be stored for a period of 5 years.

Any information that is deemed irrelevant will be instantly deleted and it will not be stored.

User Rights

In 2018, the EU’s GDPR introduced the Right to Erasure or “the right to be forgotten,” as it is also known. It gives web users the opportunity to ask companies to delete any personal data which they have collected on them through their website. Such a request can be made by both EU-based and non-EU-based clients. The visitors of can also choose to take advantage of that right of theirs and to ask us to either export or to completely remove any of their personal data that we currently store.

Users also have the right to file a complaint to the Commission for Personal Data Protection of the EU if they suspect that their personal information has been inappropriately or illegally stored, shared, sold or used. To do that, they should visit the following online address:

Data Breach Procedures

To ensure the confidentially and protection of your personal data, we have taken a wide range of measures (as listed in section ‘Protection of Personal Information’ of this Privacy Policy). In the event of a data breach or threat, it is our responsibility to contact all affected users in a timely fashion and to inform them of the problem. When that happens, we may also request them to update their password or use a different email address for their account to reduce the risk of any future threats and breaches of this kind.

Privacy Policy Updates

We retain the right to change and update our Privacy Policy at any time without notice. Any such changes and updates that we make will comply with the personal information protection laws and regulations of the EU’s GDPR and will reflect the constantly changing personal data processing methods.

Contact Details

Do you have questions related to this Privacy Policy or the way its terms are applied? Or maybe you want to exercise your GDPR rights? If yes, feel free to contact us via phone or email.