GANA PNV (5 x 3ml PDRN Solution)


Developed and produced by leading South Korean company GANA R&D, GANA PNV is a professional-grade mesotherapy product that aims at greatly rejuvenating the skin and improving its condition in multiple ways. With non-animal HA, PDRN and Glutathione among its main active ingredients, its skin-boosting, and anti-aging properties include everything from deep and lasting moisturization and wrinkle reduction to dermal cell regeneration and skin whitening.



Key ingredients in this high-quality mesotherapy product

  • Cross-linked Hyaluronic acid (5mg/cc)– hydrates, corrects wrinkles and saggy skin, boosts elasticity
  • Glutathione (2mg/cc) – brightens and evens the tone of the skin
  • Polydeoxyribonucleotide (0.5%) – regenerates dermal cells, speeds up acne scar healing

Applying GANA PNV

This skin rejuvenating mesotherapy product can be applied in several different ways. Its manufacturer, GANA R&D, recommends either topical use or application with a derma roller. The former is ideal for people who prefer to use GANA PNV as an at-home anti-aging solution. For a successful topical application of this product, start by washing the face and only then rub 1 vial of the solution directly on the skin of the face. Do this procedure shortly before going to bed and repeat it three times to see the results.

To apply this outstanding product with a derma roller, use one that has needles’ length of 0.2mm to 0.5mm. Perform three sessions – one every week. Clinicians can ensure the comfort of their patients during the procedure by applying local anesthesia, ice or numbing cream on the target spots before the treatment. That will significantly reduce any pain and discomfort.

Additional information

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