GANA Eye (5 x 2ml)


With an impressive selection of natural-based and risk-free ingredients, GANA Eye is an effective mesotherapy solution that has an incredible ability – to swiftly reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark circles under the eyes. GANA R&D, the manufacturer of this premium-quality injectable product, has infused it with peptides and amino acids to help patients eliminate these cosmetic concerns without suffering side effects or downtimes.



How does GANA Eye correct puffy eyes and dark circles?

This superb mesotherapy solution by GANA R&D can be used on patients who are 21 and over and who wish to improve and rejuvenate their appearance by easily eliminating dark circles under the eyes and/or eyebags. GANA Eye is sold in a box that features 5 x 2ml vials – a quantity that is typically sufficient for more than 20 mesotherapy injection sessions. The product contains Acetyl tetrapeptide-5 which is a synthetically-produced peptide that is commonly found in top-rated cosmetic products because of its skin smoothing and moisturizing properties. This ingredient is known for successfully battling and removing eyebags by gradually reducing puffiness in that area of the face. Also found in this optimized skin rejuvenating product is L-carnitine – a valuable amino acid that has all-around skin-boosting powers that will have a positive effect on dermal cells, blood vessels and the overall condition of the skin.

  • Helps the skin to regenerate and heal itself
  • Hydrates and soothes
  • Improves skin’s softness, elasticity, and tonicity
  • Reduces undereye puffiness
  • Encourages the production of new proteins

An easy-to-apply mesotherapy product

GANA Eye is to be only administered by trained plastic surgeons with a 31G 4mm needle and 1cc syringe. Apply a maximum of 0.4ml under each eye.

  • Use between 5 to 7 injection points (for each eye)
  • 3-4 injection sessions per treatment
  • One session per month

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