GANA PN (PDRN) – 2 x 2.5ml


GANA PN is a PDRN mesotherapy product that aside from having impressive cosmetic rejuvenating properties, can also improve the tone of the skin with its powerful skin whitening effects. Designed and manufactured by GANA R&D, this solution is applied under the skin via a painless injection and it has zero severe side effects. It is one of the very few PDRN-based injectable solutions that can also be used for instant facial augmentation.



How is GANA PN different from GANA PNV?

Both of these reliable mesotherapy products share the same list of ingredients (Polydeoxyribonucleotide, cross-linked HA, Glutathione) and have identical properties and effects or namely:

  • Immediate correction of lines and wrinkles
  • Effective dermal cell regeneration and repair
  • Visible lifting of saggy skin
  • Considerable improvement of skin’s turgidity, tonicity, and elasticity
  • Natural-looking skin brightening

The difference between them is that GANA PN is a syringe-type mesotherapy solution, while GANA PNV comes in the form of vials. Therefore, the former is designed to be injected into the dermis layer of the skin to deliver faster, better and more durable anti-aging results.

GANA PN contains top-tier Hyaluronic Acid

AH8 is excellent at temporarily removing expression wrinkles and lines but GANA PN’s anti-wrinkle effects do not end with that. This innovative peptide dermal filler also features cross-linked HA that immediately corrects superficial wrinkles by filling them. This is a harmless, biodegradable substance that also moistures the skin and restores its hydro balance.

The presence of top-quality Hyaluronic acid in this cutting-edge anti-aging product allows for it to be also used for minimally-invasive facial augmentation. This ingredient has an excellent volumizing effect and it gives GANA PN anti-aging properties similar to that of HA-based dermal fillers. That is why board-certified plastic surgeons can use it to improve a patient’s facial definition and shape.

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