GANA DA (10 x 5ml)


GANA DA is a fat-dissolving product that leads to localized lipolysis. This DA-based lipolytic injection safely and visibly reduces and eliminates fat cells and deposits in different zones of the body, especially those that do not respond easily to other weight-loss and anti-obesity solutions such as dieting, exercise or liposuction. It is a patient-friendly fat-melting mesotherapy product that gradually corrects double chin, belly fat, saddlebag thighs, chubby hips, and stubborn underarm fat deposits.



  • Volume: 10 x 4ml prefilled vials
  • Recommended equipment: 30G needle & 3cc syringe
  • Treatment protocol: Administered monthly for a period of about 3 months
  • Maximum dosage: 4ml for double chin, 12ml per upper arm, 20ml per hip/thigh/belly fat reduction

Does GANA DA offer permanent and instant fat-burning results?

This top-tier lipolytic product can deliver permanent weight loss and fat-resolving results that can be easily maintained by the patient with a balanced lifestyle. To deliver visible and lasting results, GANA DA by GANA R&D does not require strict dieting or a vigorous exercise regimen (even though its use can be easily and safely combined with these anti-obesity solutions). Instead, it uses the natural fat-burning powers of Deoxycholic acid (DA). This is a risk-free and health-friendly ingredient the application of which has been approved by the FDA and which melts fat cells and deposits right where it has been applied (hips, under the chin, under the arms, thighs, etc.).

  • Can be injected on different zones of the body and under the chin but not the face
  • Eliminates fat cells and deposits through lipolysis
  • Safe to be used in a combination with liposuction, exercise and/or dieting
  • Inject in the subcutaneous layer
  • Adverse effects are rare and short-lived

GANA DA’s fantastic fat-melting powers are gradual rather than instant. Usually, a single treatment requires about 3 injection sessions.

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