GANA CH (Calcium + HA filler) – 1 x 1ml


Top-performance soft-tissue filler GANA CH is unique for being one of the very few calcium HA filler injections in existence today. Its one-of-a-kind nature enables it to provide instant anti-aging effects like facial volume improvement, reduction of saggy skin and speedy augmentation of chin, forehead, and nose and a gradual increase of collagen in the skin. It has semi-permanent cosmetic rejuvenation powers and an attractive price.



When top-notch HA fillers and calcium fillers become one

GANA CH is safer than a typical Calcium filler and it offers more durable and stable facial augmentation results compared to HA-based filler injections. That is because it features both Calcium hydroxyapatite and Hyaluronic acid. This is a new-generation anti-aging solution that does not cause swelling and it does not lead to long-term adverse effects. It will stay under the skin for approximately 3 years but in case the patient wishes to return to their natural appearance, the procedure can be easily reversed and the implant gel can be quickly eliminated by hyaluronidase.

GANA CH treatment guide

GANA R&D must NOT be injected in the lips and the cheeks, as it is only suitable for the minimally-invasive augmentation of:

  • Chin
  • Nose
  • Forehead

This dependable cosmetic rejuvenation solution is injected into the deep dermis and it slowly dissolves over a period of up to 3 years. Maintenance injections will be required for the preservation of the treatment results. The procedure is not painful and it offers instant correction and reduced risk of swelling. The gel migration ratio of this product is low and patients do not need to worry that their appearance will change several weeks or even months after the treatment.

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